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The Value of an Online Degree from UWF

At the University of West Florida, we’re proud of our affordable tuition. Our reasonable rates for online programs compare favorably to the cost of other degrees.

Refer to UWF Cost of Attendance Estimates for more information.

The average annual price of a four-year online bachelor’s degree from UWF is $6,860. With the average public and private in-state college tuition in Florida at $13,776, the value of an online degree from UWF can’t be disputed.

While the total cost and fees for a program do vary, we work hard to ensure that we offer you a top-notch degree at a competitive price. Visit our online program page for more information.

The University of West Florida offers affordable tuition rates for online programs. All tuition and fees are assessed per credit hour, the level of the course and the student’s residency classification for fee purposes. The following tables outline online tuition for undergraduate and graduate courses, including all fees.

It is every student’s responsibility to be aware of payment deadlines. You become liable for your tuition upon registration.

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Florida in-state tuition per credit hour: $218.98
  • Full out-of-state tuition per credit hour: $648.37
  • 75% out-of-state tuition waived, per credit hour: $341.67

Graduate Courses:

  • Florida in-state tuition per credit hour: $384.60
  • Full out-of-state tuition per credit hour: $1,044.24
  • 90% out-of-state tuition waived, per credit hour: $478.83

Alabama Differential Out-of-State Tuition – Residents of Alabama are eligible for Alabama Differential Tuition, a reduced out-of-state tuition rate. For more information and to verify residency status for tuition purposes, new undergraduate students should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and new graduate students should contact the Graduate School. Current students should contact the Office of the Registrar.

Active-Duty Military – All active-duty members of the U.S. military who reside or are stationed outside of Florida shall have a 100% waiver of all non-resident tuition and non-resident fees by the University. Contact the Military & Veterans Resource Center to learn more or to apply for the Active-Duty Military Out-of-State Waiver.

UWF Short-Term Financial Assistance – The University of West Florida provides eligible students with an alternative to paying the full amount of tuition at the beginning of each term in the form of an installment payment plan or a short-term loan.

U.S. Military and Veteran Students – UWF is a military and veteran inclusive and Military FriendlyⓇ School, proudly serving military civilians, service members, veterans and their families.  Utilizing government or military provided tuition assistance has allowed many students to fully fund their tuition expenses. Additionally, there are a number of waivers that may be available to partially or fully waive the non-resident tuition and fees for non-Florida residents. Active Duty service members and their family members stationed within the state of Florida may be granted in-state tuition vice a waiver of non-resident tuition and fees. An active participant in the VA Yellow Ribbon program since program inception in 2011, UWF continues to make financial contributions in support of eligible veterans using Chapter 33 Post 911 education benefits while residing outside the state of Florida.  For more information on these and other military/veteran related programs, please visit UWF MVRC.

We’ve outlined the in-state tuition cost for each program below. See program pages for more details.

*Some online degree and certificate programs are self-supporting and market rate. Self-supporting and market rate programs do not charge more for out-of-state students; therefore, they are not eligible for a waiver.

Online Undergraduate Programs Tuition

ProgramTotal CreditsCost per Credit HourTotal Cost
Business Analytics – Undergraduate Certificate12$218.98$2,627.76
Business Intelligence – Undergraduate Certificate12$218.98$2,627.76
Chemistry for Laboratory Health Sciences – Undergraduate Certificate9$218.98$1,970.82
Clinical Lab Sciences, B.S.–MLT to MLS39$218.98*$8,540.22
Community Education, B.A.120$218.98$26,277.60
Database Systems – Undergraduate Certificate12$218.98$2,627.76
Data Fluency – Undergraduate Certificate9$218.98$1,970.82
Engineering Professional – Undergraduate Certificate9$218.98$1,970.82
Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Undergraduate Certificate9$218.98$1,970.82
Exceptional Student Education, B.A.132$218.98$28,905.36
Finance, B.S.B.A.120$218.98$26,277.60
Finance – Undergraduate Certificate12$218.98$2,627.76
Fraud Examinations – Undergraduate Certificate15$218.98$3,284.70
General Studies, B.G.S.120$218.98$26,277.60
Geographic Information Science – Undergraduate Certificate24$218.98*$5,255.52
Global Hospitality and Tourism, B.S.120$218.98$26,277.60
Health Sciences, B.S.120$218.98$26,277.60
Health Sciences, B.S. – Behavior Analysis 120$218.98$26,277.60
Health Sciences, B.S. – Healthcare Administration120$218.98$26,277.60
HR Management – Undergraduate Certificate12$218.98$2,627.76
Human Resource Management, B.S.B.A.120$218.98$26,277.60
Information Security Management – Undergraduate Certificate12$218.98$2,627.76
Information Systems Management – Undergraduate Certificate12$218.98$2,627.76
Intelligence Analysis – Undergraduate Certificate12 or 15$218.98*


Instructional Design and Technology, B.S.120$218.98$26,277.60

Management Development – Undergraduate Certificate


Maritime Studies, B.A.


Medical Laboratory Sciences – Undergraduate Certificate

Psychology, B.A.120$218.98$26,277.60
Public Health, B.S.120$218.98$26,277.60
RN to BSN32$218.98*$7,007.36
Special Topics in Healthcare Administration – Undergraduate Certificate12$218.98$2,627.76
Supply Chain Management, B.S.B.A.120$218.98$26,277.60

Online Graduate Programs Tuition

Tuition RateTotal CreditsCost per Credit HourTotal Cost
Accountancy, M.Acc.30$384.60$11,538.00
Acquisition and Contract Administration – Graduate Certificate9$384.60$3,461.40
Advanced Data Science – Graduate Certificate9$384.60$3,461.40
Business Administration, M.B.A.33–36$456.50*$15,064.50–$16,434.00
Business Analytics – Graduate Certificate12$384.60$4,615.20
Computer Science, M.S.30$425.00*$12,750.00
Criminal Justice, M.S.33$384.60$12,691.80
Current and Emerging Instructional Technology – Graduate Certificate9$384.60$3,461.40
Curriculum & Instruction, Ed.D. – Curriculum and Assessment Specialization60$384.60$23,076.00
Curriculum & Instruction, Ed.S.30$425.00*$12,750.00
Curriculum & Instruction, M.Ed.36$416.50*$14,994.00
Cybersecurity – Graduate Certificate12$425.00$5,100.00
Cybersecurity Management – Graduate Certificate12$384.60$4,615.20
Cybersecurity, M.S.30$425.00*$12,750.00
Data Science – Graduate Certificate12$384.60$4,615.20
Data Science, M.S.30$384.60$11,538.00
Educational Leadership, M.Ed.30$416.50*$12,495.00
English, M.A.33–36$384.60$12,691.80‬–$13,845.60
Entrepreneurship – Graduate Certificate9$384.60$3,461.40
Environmental Science, M.S.30$384.60$11,538.00
Exceptional Student Education, M.A.30–42$384.60$11,538.00–$16,153.20
Geographic Information Science Administration, M.S.36$425.00$15,300.00
Geographic Information Science – Graduate Certificate24$630.00*$15,120.00
Graduate Business Foundations – Graduate Certificate12$384.60$4,615.20
Health Informatics – Graduate Certificate12$384.60$4,615.20
Health Promotion & Worksite Wellness, M.S.39$384.60$14,999.40
Healthcare Administration, M.H.A.40.5$384.60$15,576.30
Human Performance Technology – Graduate Certificate12$384.60*$4,615.20
Human Resources Management – Graduate Certificate12$384.60$4,615.20
Information Technology, M.S.30$425.00$12,750.00
Instructional Design and Technology, Ed.D66$384.60$25,383.60
Instructional Design and Technology, M.Ed.36$416.50*$14,994.00
Instructional Design and Technology, M.Ed. – Technology Leadership Specialization36$384.60$12,691.80
International Affairs, M.A.33$384.60$14,994.00
Managing Sustainability and Resiliency – Graduate Certificate9$384.60$3,461.40
Mathematics, M.S.30$384.60$11,538.00
Nursing Education – Graduate Certificate18$425$7,650
Nursing, M.S.N. – Family Nurse Practitioner45$500.00*$22,500.00
Nursing, M.S.N. – Nursing Education39$425.00*$16,575.00
Nursing, M.S.N. – Nursing Leadership39$425.00*$16,575.00
Political Science, M.A.33$384.60$12,691.80
Public Administration, M.S.A.36$384.60$13,845.60
Public Health–Emergency Management and Infection Control – Graduate Certificate18$384.60$6,922.80
Public Health – Environmental and Occupational Health – Graduate Certificate18$384.60$6,922.80
Public Health, M.P.H.42$384.60$16,153.20
Reading, M.Ed.36$384.60$13,845.60
Social Media for Public Relations & Advertising – Graduate Certificate12$384.60$4,615.20
Social Work, M.S.W.30 or 60$450.00*$13,500–$27,000
Sport Administration, M.S.A.36$384.60$13,845.60
Sport Analytics – Graduate Certificate12$384.60$4,615.20
Supply Chain Logistics Management – Graduate Certificate9$384.60$3,461.40
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) – Graduate Certificate15$416.50$6,247.50
Teaching and Learning – Graduate Certificate9$384.60$3,461.40
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