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Cost & Fees

The University of West Florida offers affordable tuition rates for online programs. As the cost per credit hour varies by the program, we’ve detailed the cost and fees for each program below — including the savings for students who transfer the maximum amount of allowable credits.

Online Undergraduate Programs Tuition

Tuition Rate Total Credits Cost per Credit Hour Total Cost
Clinical Lab Sciences, B.S. MLT to MLS 39 $282.13 $11,003.07
Health Sciences, B.S. 120 $218.98* $26,277.60
RN to BSN 32 $282.13 $9,028.16

*Cost per Credit Hour listed is for In-State students. Costs vary for Out-of-state and Alabama Differential students. See program page for more details.

Online Graduate Programs Tuition

Tuition RateTotal CreditsCost per Credit HourTotal Cost
Computer Science, M.S.30$425$12,750.00
Curriculum & Instruction, M.Ed.36$416.50$13,845.60
Cybersecurity, M.S.30$425$12,750.00
Educational Leadership, M.Ed.30$416.50$12,495.00
Family Nurse Practitioner, MSN45$500$22,500.00
Geographic Information Science Administration, M.S.36$384.60$13,845.60
Nurse Executive, MSN39$425$16,575.00
Information Technology, M.S.30$425$12,750.00
Nursing Education, MSN39$425$16,575.00
MSW Advanced Standing30$450$13,500.00
RN to MSN59$425$20,503.16
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