Academic Calendar

With multiple start dates available, you can begin your online program whenever it’s most convenient. Some of our programs offer eight-week course terms. Other programs offer 16-week terms and start on the PoT (Part of Term) 1 schedule only.

Below are the important dates for each term. Visit your program’s page to confirm start dates.

SemesterStart DateLast Date to AddTerm Ends
Fall PoT 18/22/20228/28/202212/10/2022
Fall PoT 28/22/20228/28/202210/14/2022
Fall PoT 310/17/202210/23/202212/10/2022
Spring PoT 11/9/20231/15/20235/6/2023
Spring PoT 21/9/20231/15/20233/4/2023
Spring PoT 33/6/20233/12/20235/6/2023
Summer PoT 15/15/20235/21/20238/11/2023
Summer PoT 25/15/20235/21/20236/27/2023
Summer PoT 36/28/20237/5/20238/11/2023
Summer PoT 46/20/20236/26/20238/11/2023
Summer PoT 105/15/20235/21/20237/9/2023
Summer PoT 906/26/20237/2/20238/11/2023
Summer PoT 965/15/20235/21/20236/30/2023
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