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Whether you are seeking a degree that fits into your demanding schedule or are a working adult who wants to pursue a different career, University of West Florida’s online programs allow you to further your education at your own pace. Through our high-quality degrees, you can discover how to become one of tomorrow’s leaders in a personalized environment.

Online degrees may not be available in all states. If you are an out-of-state student, please review our State Authorization Status to confirm that the program is available in your state.

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  • Master's

    Accountancy, M.Acc.

    • Approach the CPA exam with confidence
    • Gain both technical and communication skills applicable to professional accountancy or professional taxation
  • Graduate Certificate

    Acquisition and Contract Administration Certificate

    • Fulfill heightened needs for accountability and transparency in public sector procurement
    • Focus on public contracting at the federal, state and local levels
  • Graduate Certificate

    Advanced Data Science Graduate Certificate

    • Begin developing expertise in machine learning, deep learning and big data analytics.
    • Gain hands-on experience with Python and other technologies used to analyze data.
  • Graduate Certificate

    Business Analytics Certificate

    • Communicate to management the appropriate types of data mining to apply in a business scenario given the data set and organizational context
    • Analyze the impact of each recommended course of action and develop effective arguments to support recommendations
  • Master's

    Computer Science, M.S.

    • Explore modern topics in software engineering or data analytics
    • Prepare for further studies or a career in computing, data analytics or cybersecurity
  • Master's

    Criminal Justice, M.S.

    • Enhance your impact in practice or administration
    • Gain key knowledge and skills across theory, administration, research and data analysis
  • Graduate Certificate

    Current and Emerging Instructional Technology

    • Learn the correct way to evaluate and implement new and existing technologies to facilitate instruction and performance improvement
    • Integrate current and emerging technologies for K-12 education, higher education, business and industry, healthcare, military and other settings
  • Doctorate

    Curriculum & Instruction, Ed.D.

    • Evaluate the applicability and utility of available assessment tools
    • Create curriculum and instruction frameworks or protocols for real-world situations
  • Master's

    Curriculum & Instruction, M.Ed.

    • Choose from three specializations to align your studies with the skills you need most in the classroom
    • Prepare for advanced careers in instruction and leadership in a program that combines the latest educational theories with practical application
  • Master's

    Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.S.

    • Learn to apply research to the real-world decision-making and problem-solving scenarios educators face right now.
    • Choose from one of the two area of focus: Administration and Leadership Studies or Curriculum and Assessment.
  • Graduate Certificate

    Cybersecurity Management Graduate Certificate

    • Identify potential information security threats and design mitigation plans
    • Learn to safely and efficiently protect an organization’s data
  • Master's

    Cybersecurity, M.S.

    • Become a leader in the protection of data assets and analysis of potential threats
    • Gain hands-on cybersecurity experience through real-world simulations
  • Graduate Certificate

    Data Science Certificate

    • Excel in a rapidly growing and lucrative field
    • Learn advanced statistics, modeling and in-depth computational techniques
  • Master's

    Data Science, M.S.

    • Leverage data and information to help businesses make better strategic choices
    • Communicate and interpret complex data to varied audiences
  • Master's

    Educational Leadership, M.Ed.

    • Earn the credentials to qualify for a leadership role in your school or district
    • Prepare for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam
  • Master's

    English, M.A.

    • Demonstrate knowledge of literary theory, British literature, American literature, poetry and rhetoric
    • Practice writing and workshopping fiction, non-fiction, creative non-fiction and creative writing
  • Graduate Certificate

    Entrepreneurship Online Certificate

    • Demonstrate knowledge of aggregate economic activity including national income, price level determination, and economic growth
    • Evaluate potential business opportunities, formulate solutions and present findings
  • Master's

    Environmental Science, M.S.

    • Design your own studies after examining published environmental science research
    • Pursue employment opportunities in the public and private sectors
  • Master's

    Exceptional Student Education, M.A.

    • Analyze exceptional student education instructional programs based on approved standards
    • Plan effective learning experiences employing critical thinking, problem-solving and high-order questioning techniques
  • Master's

    Family Nurse Practitioner FNP, MSN

    • Gain the skills needed to care for primary care patients of all ages through this full-time program
    • Prepare for the ANCC or AANP national certification exam
  • Master's

    Geographic Information Science Administration, M.S.

    • Learn the cutting-edge technology and latest approaches used in the field
    • Gain a well-rounded foundation through both business and GIS courses
  • Graduate Certificate

    GIS Online Graduate Certificate

    • Advanced use of GIS technologies
    • Relevant, up-to-date content uses ArcGIS Pro software
  • Graduate Certificate

    Graduate Business Foundations Certificate Online

    • Exhibit and apply concepts and principles of management and marketing
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of e-Business systems planning, development and implementation
  • Graduate Certificate

    Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity

    • Prepare to defend against cyberattacks, protect data assets and analyze potential cybersecurity threats
    • The 2-semester certificate is designed to smoothly transfer to UWF’s M.S. in Cybersecurity program
  • Graduate Certificate

    Health Informatics Graduate Certificate

    • Transform data into accurate and timely information
    • Balance the strategic vision of the company with day-to-day operations
    • Create reportable metrics from clinician-patient bedside interaction
  • Master's

    Health Promotion & Worksite Wellness, M.S.

    • Cultivate healthier communities and organizations
    • Prepare for the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam
  • Master's

    Healthcare Administration, M.H.A.

    • Apply healthcare administration concepts, principles and practices to the operation of healthcare organizations
    • Evaluate challenges in healthcare administration and propose solutions to improve organizational performance
  • Graduate Certificate

    Human Performance Improvement Online Certificate

    • Examine organizational performance from a solution-neutral position
    • Analyze and identify root causes of gaps in organizational performance
  • Graduate Certificate

    Human Resources Management Online Certificate

    • Understand the relationship between human resource management and organizational strategy
    • Evaluate the bases of pay, including incentives and pay-for-performance systems
  • Master's

    Information Technology, M.S.

    • Specialize your degree and gain deeper knowledge through elective courses
    • Develop the skills for a leadership role in IT
  • Doctorate

    Instructional and Performance Technology, Ed.D.

    • Diagnose and conceptualize solutions for individual and organizational performance problems
    • Critically evaluate inferences drawn from empirical research and practice in the field of instructional design and technology
  • Master's

    Instructional Design and Performance Technology, M.Ed.

    • Communicate effectively with culturally diverse stakeholders using appropriate modalities
    • Analyze individual and organizational performance problems comprehensively from education and training perspectives
  • Master's

    International Affairs, M.A.

    • Prepare for your career with our single-disciplinary focus on security studies and diplomacy
    • Learn from instructors who are highly specialized and bring current knowledge to the coursework
  • Graduate Certificate

    Managing Sustainability and Resiliency Online Certificate

    • Articulate the evolution and history of leading theories of leadership
    • Suggest valid and useful improvements to budgeting processes
  • Master's

    Mathematical Sciences, M.S.

    • Connect mathematics to scientific computing, finance or data science
    • Analyze data using statistical methods and state-of-the-art computer technology
  • Master's

    Movement Sciences & Health, M.S. – Sports Performance and Coaching Specialization

    • Focus on how strategies, decisions, judgments and actions can impact an individual’s performance so you learn how to lead and motivate them.
    • Courses offer individualized assignments that are customized to your current role, so you can focus on how to immediately apply what you learn to your career.
  • Graduate Certificate

    Nursing Education Graduate Certificate

    • Prepare for a role as a nurse educator in clinical practice, the community, and in academic settings
    • Use evidence-based tools, methods and technologies in an advanced nursing practice role as a nurse educator
  • Master's

    Nursing Education, MSN

    • Discover instructional strategies and curriculum design to meet the needs of tomorrow’s nurses
    • Prepare for doctoral studies or a career in an academic or community-based setting
  • Master's

    Nursing Leadership, MSN

    • Learn the skills necessary for leadership or administrative roles in case management, nursing informatics and more
    • Explore how to implement research- and evidence-based practices
  • Graduate Certificate

    Online Teaching and Learning

    • Apply research, theory, best practices and sound pedagogical principles to design, develop, implement, evaluate and manage technology-driven learning experiences
    • Design learning programs for K-12 education, higher education, business and industry, healthcare, military and other settings
  • Master's

    Political Science, M.A.

    • Discuss the relevance of political scholarship to the practice of governance and political participation
    • Articulate and compare theories of political power and institutions
  • Master's

    Public Administration, M.S.A.

    • Apply administrative reasoning, roles and responsibilities to your profession
    • Deploy sustainability and resilience planning in an organizational setting
  • Graduate Certificate

    Public Health—Emergency Management and Infection Control Online Certificate

    • Pursue career advancement in public health
    • Educate others on how to prepare for emergencies and infectious diseases
  • Graduate Certificate

    Public Health—Environmental and Occupational Health Online Certificate

    • Pursue career advancement in public health
    • Educate others on how to keep the environment clean and their workplaces safe
  • Master's

    Public Health, M.P.H.

    • Understand and influence public health policy
    • Identify issues and problems in the public health of various communities
  • Master's

    Reading, M.Ed.

    • Understand and teach concepts in literature, reading and literacy
    • Identify and prevent difficulties in reading
  • Graduate Certificate

    Social Media for Public Relations & Advertising Graduate Certificate

    • Develop the leadership skills necessary for strategic planning, organizational branding, and effective social media communication
    • Prepare for in-demand positions in social media management, public relations, internal and integrated communication, and brand representation
  • Master's

    Sport Administration, M.S.A.

    • Choose a degree designed for success in the sport administration field with a focus on analytics
    • Learn to make effective managerial decisions in the sport industry
  • Graduate Certificate

    Sport Analytics Graduate Certificate

    • Explore the analytic side of the sport industry
    • Study subjects in sport business with an emphasis on the future of sports and technology
  • Graduate Certificate

    Supply Chain Logistics Management Online Certificate

    • Apply knowledge of supply chain logistics management concepts to solve business management problems
    • Utilize analytics to assist in identifying critical logistics issues and opportunities, and in creating and executing supply chain logistics strategies
  • Graduate Certificate

    Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

    • Teach English as an additional language in a variety of settings in the United States and overseas. 
    • Add ESOL endorsement to your teaching certification in the state of Florida.
    • Complete coursework based on the five domains of TESOL adopted by the Florida Department of Education and International TESOL Organization standards.