Top Public Health Jobs

Public health is a career area concerned with the overall protection and improvement of the health of people and their communities. As a broadly defined field, it encompasses a spectrum of specialties and disciplines. However, all can lead to exciting and meaningful careers.

Sectors of Public Health

The sectors of public health are many. They range from individual health improvement to the to analysis of major health trends. A few sectors are listed here, along with job titles that might be found in that area of practice.

Behavioral Science/Health Education

Those who work in this field are concerned with helping the public make healthy choices. They might, for example, work in community education programs, promote the use of health services, teach healthy lifestyle choices or warn the public about the dangers associated with risky behavior. Job titles may include:

  • Employee wellness coordinator
  • Health educator
  • Youth program specialist
  • Health promotion manager


Biostatistics is concerned with identifying and analyzing health trends. This might include forecasting certain health scenarios, identifying trends within certain communities, explaining biological phenomena, determining the cause of diseases, analyzing risk factors or analyzing data from clinical trials. Real-world examples include identifying trends in gun violence or estimating the number of cancer occurrences in a certain region. Specific job titles may include:

  • Research statistician
  • Statistical writer
  • Analysis programmer
  • Health informatics specialist

Environmental Health

The field of environmental health covers a range of issues and topics related to the physical spaces people occupy. This might, for example, mean studying air, water and soil quality, engineering hazardous waste management or reducing the risk of food poisoning. Combining chemistry, toxicology, engineering and related disciplines, this area seeks to improve human health through both practical and policy-based solutions. Specific job titles might include:

  • Environmental biologist
  • Lab supervisor
  • Consumer health director
  • Air quality engineer


Considered one of the bedrock areas of public health, epidemiology focuses on disease. Those in the field may be concerned with various aspects of this phenomenon. They may study how outbreaks form and spread or design ways to control them. Others may look for societal disease patterns or identify health risks within a community. This field combines a range of specialties areas such as biostatistics, sociology, psychology and cellular biology. Specific job titles include:

  • Occupational epidemiologist
  • Risk analyst
  • Public health epidemiologist
  • Medical research center program director

Global Health

Those who work in global health work to improve areas of public health from a global perspective. As a global health worker, one might analyze health concerns across various countries, track diseases across borders or work with those who face health concerns because of resource constraints. Specific job titles include:

  • Quality improvement advisor
  • Program manager
  • Implementation specialist
  • Program coordinator

Health Services Management

Health services management is concerned with the study and improvement of healthcare systems. Someone who works in this field might be concerned with clinical management, healthcare reform, policy analysis, managing budgets for health organizations or other systems-based issues. This area of public health combines proficiencies such as planning, organization, economics, marketing and finance. Specific job titles include:

  • Health policy analyst
  • Research associate
  • Health officer
  • Public health advisor

Maternal and Child Health

This area of interest specifically focuses on improving the health of women, children and families. Those who wish to pursue this field may find a career doing things such as planning programs, policy development, advocacy, research, promoting individual health or other topics. Specific job titles include:

  • Public health prevention specialist
  • Clinical director
  • Program planner
  • Health science consultant


Those who specialize in nutrition work to improve health through the biochemical, behavioral and physiological aspects of food. Examples might include promoting healthy eating, researching the effects of certain diets or improving food options within schools and hospitals. Specific job titles include:

  • Registered dietitian
  • Nutritionist
  • Policy assistant
  • Program coordinator

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