Student Testimonials

MSA in Public Administration

See what an alumnus has to say about the MSA in Public Administration at UWF.

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[00:00:08.48] JAMES FALLS: Hello, Argonaut Nation. As a recent graduate from the University of West Florida with a master’s degree in public administration during the summer of 2020, I can truly say I love this program. Its teachings are aligned with current events. Furthermore, with over 30 years of sworn law enforcement training experience, I felt a deep desire to challenge myself beyond those borders.
[00:00:40.27] UWF’s master MSA program covers a wide variety of subjects, all dealing with leadership, how to obtain and maintain sustainable energy for the future, how to build better communities into which to live, and how to take control of our political destiny. UWF answered all the questions in life that I needed to succeed for tomorrow. Thank you.
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