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Fraud Examinations Certificate

Develop fraud examination skills to reverse the rise of white-collar crime.

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Gain in-demand skills in accounting, criminal justice and cybercrime prevention
Develop qualifications that help you become a certified fraud examiner
Advance in an emerging field where you'll investigate and prevent fraud and white-collar crime

Fraud Examinations Certificate Overview

White-collar crime is rising quickly. In fact, reports of financial wrongdoing made to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently increased 76% in a single year.1 Now, organizations in the public and private sectors are seeking certified fraud examiners and other qualified professionals who can detect, investigate and prevent this activity.

Prepare to succeed in this emerging field with the University of West Florida’s online Fraud Examinations Certificate. You’ll gain an understanding of white-collar crime, cybercrime and fraud—and prepare to thwart these activities.

UWF’s multidisciplinary fraud examinations certificate program focuses on technical, legal and investigative talents central to advanced criminal justice careers. As a result, you can stand out to employers needing skilled professionals to detect the financial and digital fingerprints that white-collar criminals leave behind. You can also build qualifications related to the certified fraud examiner exam.

Get started in UWF’s online Fraud Examinations Certificate program in the format you find more convenient—online or on campus. You can also customize the certificate by choosing courses that align with your goals, such as Forensic Accounting, White-Collar Crime and more.

Regardless of the modality you choose, you’ll engage in hands-on fraud examination courses to gain valuable career experience. Each class is led by faculty who bring their expertise across a range of fields, such as accounting, criminal investigation and cybercrime. Their guidance helps you prepare for fraud examiner careers in the public and private sectors. This program also provides a foundation for preparing for fraud examiner certification.

Candidates for This Program Include:

  • Students wanting to gain fraud examination skills as they take other courses in criminology, criminal justice, accounting, legal studies or other programs
  • Law enforcement professionals interested in expanding their job prospects by developing expertise in this emerging field
  • Professionals desiring foundational knowledge before they prepare for the certified fraud examiner exam

You Will Be Able To:

  • Examine the dynamics of different types of white-collar crime and fraud cases
  • Understand the consequences of fraud and white-collar crime, gaining the motivation to stop these activities
  • Depict the basic steps that fraud examiners take when conducting a fraud investigation
  • Recognize the qualifications needed to become a certified fraud examiner

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  1. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. “2021 Annual Report to Congress: Whistleblower Program.” November 15, 2021. Retrieved on February 22, 2022, from https://www.sec.gov/files/owb-2021-annual-report.pdf.