Master of Science (M.S)

Movement Sciences & Health – Physical Education and Sports Performance Specialization

Learn how you can impact an individual's performance.

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Adapt assignments in all coursework to apply to your particular field and position to gain immediate, real-life experience.
Develop and apply new strategies within your current career to discuss outcomes and possible modifications with faculty and peers.
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Movement Sciences & Health, M.S. – Physical Education and Sports Performance Specialization Overview

Professionals seeking a master’s degree in physical education and coaching can benefit from UWF’s online master’s in physical education and sports performance. You’ll learn how to lead individuals in various physical activity settings, including education, sports, fitness, wellness and health. By graduation, you’ll know how to be a motivational force in the health and wellness of your athletes, students and clients.

The curriculum in our online physical education master’s degree focuses on how strategies, decisions, judgments and actions can impact an individual’s performance.

You’ll be guided through the curriculum by instructors who are dedicated to your individualized learning. Coursework in our online master’s in physical education program offers personalized assignments — you’ll use the challenges you face in your current position to complete work and benefit from professional feedback regarding your outcomes.

By graduation, you’ll know how to effectively plan a program and reflect on processes to make improvements. The program also instills competences to help you connect with and motivate clients as well as explain programs or exercises.

Candidates for This Program Include:

  • Students who are interested in coaching or teaching within school, community and recreational settings
  • Professionals who need a master’s to advance their career in this field
  • Anyone who wants to motivate individuals to increase their skills and performance

You Will Be Able To:

  • Maximize successful participation in physical activity through critical evaluation and the use of instructional behaviors for physical activity
  • Apply a variety of concepts when planning and implementing interventions to enhance physical activity
  • Examine, evaluate and apply research on skill development and learning in physical education, coaching and physical activity domains