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B.A. Maritime Studies Online

Prepare for a wide variety of careers in the maritime world.

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Prepare to apply methods of inquiry from various domains of maritime studies
Enhance your maritime knowledge with studies in economics, public administration, art, geography and leisure
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Maritime Studies, B.A. Overview

The online maritime studies program from the University of West Florida is designed to familiarize you with the dynamic cultural and natural resources of the maritime environment. Our fully online maritime studies degree provides you with a broad understanding of this diversified field by integrating maritime themes, transferable skills and a foundational knowledge base.

Throughout the online maritime studies program, you will gain the necessary knowledge and expertise to participate in and contribute to our growing understanding and management of maritime environments. Our interdisciplinary program integrates elective courses from a wide range of disciplines such as Anthropology/Archaeology, Marine Biology, Environmental Studies, History, Art History, Literature, Law, Political Science and Leisure Studies.

The hallmark of UWF’s online Maritime Studies is its combination of focus and flexibility, because it allows you to customize your degree toward your desired career path. Working one-on-one with your advisor, you can build a minor using 36 credit hours of electives.

As a maritime studies major, you may choose between multiple hands-on experiences. One option is to engage in internships, practicums or overseas field studies in history. Alternatively, you could complete a structured field experience utilizing methods of sampling, recording and other practical aspects of professional work in the field.

Candidates for This Program Include:

  • Students seeking the foundational requirements for a graduate program
  • Students who want to become archaeologists, anthropologists, economic developers, environmental consultants, marine vessel managers, maritime attorneys, tourism developers or more

You Will Be Able To:

  • Apply concepts and theories in the subfields that contribute to maritime studies: archaeology, history, marine biology, environmental sciences and government
  • Participate and contribute to our growing understanding and management of the maritime environment
  • Engage in internships, practicums and overseas field studies in history, or complete a structured field experience