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Managing Sustainability and Resiliency Online Certificate Overview

The University of West Florida’s online certificate in managing sustainability and resiliency provides a students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and apply sustainability and resiliency policies and strategies in their roles as managers and administrators in various sectors.

In your coursework, you will study the principles of sustainability and resiliency as they relate to strategic planning. You will learn about these principles through social, environmental, governance and economic lenses that will provide you with a holistic understanding of planning best practices with regard to the most salient issues facing every organization across every sector and level.

Expert faculty will assist you as you learn to differentiate and compare strategic planning processes with an emphasis on sustainability and resiliency. Whether your career goals are management, administration, sustainability and city planning, community development, elected and appointed leadership role or to further your education, this certificate will expose you to the internal and external environmental issues facing organizations and provide you with the tools to help them better prepare at all levels of the planning process.

This certificate is only available to graduate non-degree-seeking students or those pursuing UWF’s MSA in Public Administration. Undergraduates cannot pursue this certificate.

Candidates for This Program Include:

  • Graduate non-degree-seeking students
  • Students pursuing a degree in MSA/Public Administration
  • Working professionals seeking leadership positions in their current career path

You Will Be Able To:

  • Differentiate between sustainability and resiliency as they apply to the public and private sectors.
  • Analyze the process of leadership and the purpose of sustainable leadership.
  • Communicate the importance of sustainability and resilience in public management and policy environments to diverse stakeholder groups.
  • Examine the integrity of sustainability and resilience processes in organizations.

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