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Data Science Online Certificate

Combine advanced computer programming and database systems with statistical analyses and modeling.

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Apply programming, computational and analytical skills
Work in business, healthcare and many other fields
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Data Science Certificate Overview

Data science is a burgeoning interdisciplinary field that studies and executes the extraction of knowledge from large data sets through database management and data analysis. Companies and businesses in manufacturing, healthcare, government and nonprofits have been collecting large volumes of data for some time, creating a need for qualified analysts. The University of West Florida’s Data Science Certificate program provides students with versatile skills including scientific background, programming, and computational and analytical skills.

Through the curriculum, you will learn from a mutually beneficial collaboration between mathematics and statistics, computer science and other related disciplines. With your background in data science, you can work to reduce overhead costs for an organization, help the organization enter new markets, target various demographics, analyze marketing campaigns and determine the need for exciting new products and services.

This online program offers you the flexibility you need to complete certificate requirements whether you are a full-time student or employed. This certificate is only available to graduate non-degree seeking students.

Candidates for This Program Include:

  • Graduate non-degree seeking students
  • Those who later plan to complete an M.S. in Data Science
  • Anyone curious to learn more about big data, statistics and analysis

You Will Be Able To:

  • Develop fundamental computer programming skills
  • Manage databases and database systems
  • Understand key concepts in data mining and its ethics
  • Apply statistical analysis to big data, including probability and prediction of trends