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Health Sciences - Public Health

Promote better health in your community.

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Ranked No. 2 on list of Best Online Bachelor’s in Health Science Programs by
Real-world based projects and team-based learning
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Health Sciences, B.S. – Public Health Overview

University of West Florida’s online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences – Public Health program offers an introduction into the world of public health. The curriculum emphasizes the fundamentals of public health practice, policy and history.

Upon graduation, you will have the credentials needed to continue your education through graduate studies in a more specialized area or pursue a variety of careers in public health, including governmental health agencies, community engagement, consulting and more. Our public health degree online program is ranked No. 2 on’s list of Best Online Bachelor’s in Health Science Programs.

Through innovative teaching strategies and team-based learning, you will study various topics that will help you promote health and wellness to the public, such as:

  • Basic terminology of public health and the elements related to disease causation and prevention
  • The public health system’s structure and the different sectors of public health practice
  • Natural and technological disasters related to public health research designs and applications
  • Hazards within the workplace and the management of occupational health and safety programs
  • Laws and regulations influencing public health practices
  • The U.S. healthcare system and its many characteristics
  • Diseases and epidemiology in different populations
  • Scientific public health standards and their application to issues with state, national and international effects

Candidates for This Program Include:

  • Those hoping to improve the lives of those in their community
  • Students seeking a career in community engagement, consulting, governmental agencies and more
  • Students who wish to later pursue a graduate degree in a more specialized area of public health

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify health-related issues within the community and effectively resolve them
  • Collaborate with others within public health to develop programs for promoting wellness within a community
  • Make ethical decisions that will positively influence the public’s health