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A leader in online learning, the University of West Florida offers numerous online programs to help you become a part of the next generation of big thinkers. Ranked No. 2 as a top-performing State University by the Florida Board of Governors, we are committed to providing a competitively priced, quality education that will help you thrive and achieve your goals.

Designed to fit into your demanding schedule so that you can study at your own pace, our online degree programs help you take the next step in your career. Choose from high-quality programs in the health sciences, nursing, social work, education, technology and more. If you don’t see your degree program listed visit our full website for more information.

Each of UWF’s programs is taught by faculty members who are not only committed to your success but have years of experience in their fields. Through team-based learning and high-tech practices, you will gain a well-rounded education and practical knowledge. In addition, you can begin your degree program at a time that works best for you as we offer several start dates throughout the year.

Become one of tomorrow’s leaders with a degree from UWF Online.

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Online Degrees

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  • Bachelor's

    Accelerated BSN to MSN in Nursing Education

    • Implement research- and evidence-based nursing approaches
    • Demonstrate advanced professional knowledge of nursing practice
  • Master's

    Accountancy, M.Acc.

    • Approach the CPA exam with confidence
    • Gain both technical and communication skills applicable to professional accountancy or professional taxation
  • Bachelor's

    Accounting, B.S.B.A.

    • Gain a competitive skill set in business and accounting to excel in the field and stand out for the role you want.
    • Accredited by the AACSB International, the program prepares you for the CPA exam in Florida.
  • Graduate Certificate

    Acquisition and Contract Administration Certificate

    • Fulfill heightened needs for accountability and transparency in public sector procurement
    • Focus on public contracting at the federal, state and local levels
  • Graduate Certificate

    Business Analytics Certificate

    • Communicate to management the appropriate types of data mining to apply in a business scenario given the data set and organizational context
    • Analyze the impact of each recommended course of action and develop effective arguments to support recommendations
  • Certificate

    Business Analytics Certificate

    • Build strategic decision-making skills to apply in diverse business environments
    • Develop expertise in data analysis and prepare for success in risk management positions
  • Bachelor's

    Clinical Lab Sciences, B.S. – MLT to MLS

    • Prepare for the ASCP national exam for MLS qualification
    • Get hands-on training to prepare for an advanced career as an MLS
  • Master's

    Computer Science, M.S.

    • Explore modern topics in software engineering or data analytics
    • Prepare for further studies or a career in computing, data analytics or cybersecurity
  • Bachelor's

    Criminal Justice, B.A.

    • Prepare for your career with a variety of electives that address current issues and specializations in the field.
    • Join the Accelerated Bachelors to Masters program and take up to 12 credit hours of graduate coursework — saving you time and money.
  • Master's

    Criminal Justice, M.S.

    • Enhance your impact in practice or administration
    • Gain key knowledge and skills across theory, administration, research and data analysis
  • Graduate Certificate

    Current and Emerging Instructional Technology

    • Learn the correct way to evaluate and implement new and existing technologies to facilitate instruction and performance improvement
    • Integrate current and emerging technologies for K-12 education, higher education, business and industry, healthcare, military and other settings
  • Doctorate

    Curriculum & Instruction, Ed.D.

    • Evaluate the applicability and utility of available assessment tools
    • Create curriculum and instruction frameworks or protocols for real-world situations
  • Master's

    Curriculum & Instruction, M.Ed.

    • Choose from three specializations to align your studies with the skills you need most in the classroom
    • Prepare for advanced careers in instruction and leadership in a program that combines the latest educational theories with practical application
  • Master's

    Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.S.

    • Learn to apply research to the real-world decision-making and problem-solving scenarios educators face right now.
    • Choose from one of the two area of focus: Administration and Leadership Studies or Curriculum and Assessment.
  • Master's

    Cybersecurity, M.S.

    • Become a leader in the protection of data assets and analysis of potential threats
    • Gain hands-on cybersecurity experience through real-world simulations
  • Graduate Certificate

    Data Science Certificate

    • Excel in a rapidly growing and lucrative field
    • Learn advanced statistics, modeling and in-depth computational techniques
  • Master's

    Data Science, M.S.

    • Leverage data and information to help businesses make better strategic choices
    • Communicate and interpret complex data to varied audiences
  • Certificate

    Database Systems Certificate

    • Get hands-on practice designing and optimizing databases 
    • Gain both theoretical and practical knowledge to jump-start your career
  • Master's

    Educational Leadership, M.Ed.

    • Earn the credentials to qualify for a leadership role in your school or district
    • Prepare for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam
  • Master's

    English, M.A.

    • Demonstrate knowledge of literary theory, British literature, American literature, poetry and rhetoric
    • Practice writing and workshopping fiction, non-fiction, creative non-fiction and creative writing
  • Certificate

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate

    • The AACSB-accredited curriculum offers a multidisciplinary approach to innovation and entrepreneurship, incorporating instruction from various subject areas
    • Excel in starting your own business and become an innovative leader
  • Graduate Certificate

    Entrepreneurship Online Certificate

    • Demonstrate knowledge of aggregate economic activity including national income, price level determination, and economic growth
    • Evaluate potential business opportunities, formulate solutions and present findings
  • Master's

    Environmental Science, M.S.

    • Design your own studies after examining published environmental science research
    • Pursue employment opportunities in the public and private sectors
  • Bachelor's

    Exceptional Student Education, B.A.

    • Earn Florida DOE certification in Exceptional Student Education and Elementary Education with Reading and ESOL endorsements
    • Learn how to create and manage an inclusive learning environment
  • Master's

    Exceptional Student Education, M.A.

    • Analyze exceptional student education instructional programs based on approved standards
    • Plan effective learning experiences employing critical thinking, problem-solving and high-order questioning techniques
  • Master's

    Family Nurse Practitioner FNP, MSN

    • Gain the skills needed to care for primary care patients of all ages through this full-time program
    • Prepare for the ANCC or AANP national certification exam
  • Certificate

    Finance Certificate

    • Learn how to use the appropriate tools and techniques to identify and solve finance problems.
    • Apply finance concepts and theories that lead to a career in finance
    • Manage a real portfolio of money for the university
  • Bachelor's

    Finance, B.S.B.A.

    • Secure a broad background in all major areas of business and specialized knowledge in finance
    • Gain first-hand experience managing a real investment portfolio
    • Accredited by AACSB International
  • Certificate

    Fraud Examinations Certificate

    • Prepare to investigate and prevent white-collar crime and financial fraud
    • Learn from faculty with expertise in accounting, criminal investigation and cybercrimes
  • Bachelor's

    General Business, B.S.B.A.

    • Prepare for careers in management, information systems, marketing and finance in this AACSB International accredited program.
    • Become a multifaceted professional with skills in communication, critical-thinking and the law.
  • Master's

    Geographic Information Science Administration, M.S.

    • Learn the cutting-edge technology and latest approaches used in the field
    • Gain a well-rounded foundation through both business and GIS courses
  • Certificate

    GIS Certificate

    • Recognize and practice using GIS technologies
    • Analyze and interpret large amounts of data collected by GIS technologies
  • Graduate Certificate

    GIS Online Graduate Certificate

    • Advanced use of GIS technologies
    • Relevant, up-to-date content uses ArcGIS Pro software
  • Graduate Certificate

    Graduate Business Foundations Certificate Online

    • Exhibit and apply concepts and principles of management and marketing
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of e-Business systems planning, development and implementation
  • Graduate Certificate

    Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity

    • Prepare to defend against cyberattacks, protect data assets and analyze potential cybersecurity threats
    • The 2-semester certificate is designed to smoothly transfer to UWF’s M.S. in Cybersecurity program
  • Graduate Certificate

    Health Informatics Graduate Certificate

    • Transform data into accurate and timely information
    • Balance the strategic vision of the company with day-to-day operations
    • Create reportable metrics from clinician-patient bedside interaction
  • Master's

    Health Promotion & Worksite Wellness, M.S.

    • Cultivate healthier communities and organizations
    • Prepare for the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam
  • Bachelor's

    Health Sciences, B.S. – Healthcare Administration

    • Develop the skills needed to succeed in a career at a hospital, insurance company and more
    • Build a strong foundation in the fundamentals of the healthcare industry
  • Bachelor's

    Health Sciences, B.S. (General)

    • Enhance foundational knowledge relating to specific areas of individual and public health 
    • Learn how to promote the well-being of a community
  • Master's

    Healthcare Administration, M.H.A.

    • Apply healthcare administration concepts, principles and practices to the operation of healthcare organizations
    • Evaluate challenges in healthcare administration and propose solutions to improve organizational performance
  • Graduate Certificate

    Human Performance Improvement Online Certificate

    • Examine organizational performance from a solution-neutral position
    • Analyze and identify root causes of gaps in organizational performance
  • Bachelor's

    Human Resource Management, B.S.B.A.

    • Curriculum aligned with guidelines set by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)
    • Gain specific knowledge and skills to prepare for a career in HR
  • Certificate

    Human Resources Management Online Certificate

    • Add value to organizations as a human resources leader
    • Fully online, AACSB-accredited curriculum
  • Graduate Certificate

    Human Resources Management Online Certificate

    • Understand the relationship between human resource management and organizational strategy
    • Evaluate the bases of pay, including incentives and pay-for-performance systems
  • Certificate

    Information Security Management Certificate

    • Learn from expert educators who bring real-world information systems experience to each course
    • Build expertise in business intelligence fundamentals and prepare for administrative positions within the field
  • Graduate Certificate

    Information Security Management Online Graduate Certificate

    • Identify potential information security threats and design mitigation plans
    • Learn to safely and efficiently protect an organization’s data
  • Master's

    Information Technology, M.S.

    • Specialize your degree and gain deeper knowledge through elective courses
    • Develop the skills for a leadership role in IT
  • Doctorate

    Instructional and Performance Technology, Ed.D.

    • Diagnose and conceptualize solutions for individual and organizational performance problems
    • Critically evaluate inferences drawn from empirical research and practice in the field of instructional design and technology
  • Master's

    Instructional Design and Performance Technology, M.Ed.

    • Communicate effectively with culturally diverse stakeholders using appropriate modalities
    • Analyze individual and organizational performance problems comprehensively from education and training perspectives
  • Bachelor's

    Instructional Design and Technology, B.S.

    • Enjoy expanding job opportunities in instructional design and technology-related jobs
    • Design, develop and implement instructional and performance solutions
  • Certificate

    Intelligence Analysis Certificate

    • Identify key concepts and issues in security-related intelligence
    • Determine patterns and trends in large data sets
  • Bachelor's

    Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Community Education Specialization, B.A.

    • Focus on non-traditional education and prepare for educational roles outside traditional K–12 schools
    • Plan developmentally appropriate interactions based on goals identified for all learners in community environments
  • Master's

    International Affairs, M.A.

    • Prepare for your career with our single-disciplinary focus on security studies and diplomacy
    • Learn from instructors who are highly specialized and bring current knowledge to the coursework
  • Certificate

    Management Development Online Certificate

    • Pursue employment in one of the most high-paying fields
    • Course choices help align the certificate to your career goals
  • Graduate Certificate

    Managing Sustainability and Resiliency Online Certificate

    • Articulate the evolution and history of leading theories of leadership
    • Suggest valid and useful improvements to budgeting processes
  • Bachelor's

    Maritime Studies, B.A.

    • Enhance your maritime knowledge with studies in economics, public administration, art, geography and leisure
    • Tailor our online maritime studies degree program to your individual interests
  • Master's

    Mathematical Sciences, M.S.

    • Connect mathematics to scientific computing, finance or data science
    • Analyze data using statistical methods and state-of-the-art computer technology
  • Certificate

    Medical Laboratory Sciences Online Certificate

    • Choose from four options to work as a technologist in one of many laboratory settings.
    • Take a national board examination at the end of your program to pursue licensure
  • Master's

    Movement Sciences & Health, M.S. – Physical Education and Sports Performance Specialization

    • Focus on how strategies, decisions, judgments and actions can impact an individual’s performance so you learn how to lead and motivate them.
    • Courses offer individualized assignments that are customized to your current role, so you can focus on how to immediately apply what you learn to your career.
  • Master's

    Nurse Executive, MSN

    • Learn the skills necessary for leadership or administrative roles in case management, nursing informatics and more
    • Explore how to implement research- and evidence-based practices
  • Master's

    Nursing Education, MSN

    • Discover instructional strategies and curriculum design to meet the needs of tomorrow’s nurses
    • Prepare for doctoral studies or a career in an academic or community-based setting
  • Graduate Certificate

    Online Accountancy Certificate

    • Prepare for the CPA exam
    • Study for licensing requirements in your state
  • Master's

    Political Science, M.A.

    • Discuss the relevance of political scholarship to the practice of governance and political participation
    • Articulate and compare theories of political power and institutions
  • Bachelor's

    Psychology, B.A.

    • Develop an understanding of the multiple influences created by the biological characteristics of the organism
    • Prepare to pursue a wide range of careers at the bachelor’s level or advanced training in psychology
  • Master's

    Public Administration, M.S.A.

    • Apply administrative reasoning, roles and responsibilities to your profession
    • Deploy sustainability and resilience planning in an organizational setting
  • Graduate Certificate

    Public Health—Emergency Management and Infection Control Online Certificate

    • Pursue career advancement in public health
    • Educate others on how to prepare for emergencies and infectious diseases
  • Graduate Certificate

    Public Health—Environmental and Occupational Health Online Certificate

    • Pursue career advancement in public health
    • Educate others on how to keep the environment clean and their workplaces safe
  • Bachelor's

    Public Health, B.S.

    • Gain the credentials to excel in areas such as public health, consultation and consumer advocacy
    • Explore how to address issues related to diseases, medical disasters and the legalities of public health and healthcare
  • Master's

    Public Health, M.P.H.

    • Understand and influence public health policy
    • Identify issues and problems in the public health of various communities
  • Master's

    Reading, M.Ed.

    • Understand and teach concepts in literature, reading and literacy
    • Identify and prevent difficulties in reading
  • Bachelor's

    RN to BSN

    • Gain more skills for career advancement in nursing and increased earning potential
    • Transition from the role of an RN to a BSN generalist providing professional care
  • Graduate Certificate

    Social Media for Public Relations & Advertising Graduate Certificate

    • Develop the leadership skills necessary for strategic planning, organizational branding, and effective social media communication
    • Prepare for in-demand positions in social media management, public relations, internal and integrated communication, and brand representation
  • Master's

    Social Work, MSW

    • Demonstrate specialized knowledge in medical and behavioral health social work
    • Work with a variety of social populations including individuals, families and groups
  • Graduate Certificate

    Supply Chain Logistics Management Online Certificate

    • Apply knowledge of supply chain logistics management concepts to solve business management problems
    • Utilize analytics to assist in identifying critical logistics issues and opportunities, and in creating and executing supply chain logistics strategies
  • Bachelor's

    Supply Chain Management, B.S.B.A.

    • Learn to make effective logistics decisions for your organization by identifying and evaluating critical service and cost factors.
    • Gain skills to create, develop and evaluate theory-driven, data-based, ethical supply chain logistics management strategies.
  • Graduate Certificate

    Teaching and Learning

    • Apply research, theory, best practices and sound pedagogical principles to design, develop, implement, evaluate and manage technology-driven learning experiences
    • Design learning programs for K-12 education, higher education, business and industry, healthcare, military and other settings
  • Graduate Certificate

    Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

    • Teach English as an additional language in a variety of settings in the United States and overseas. 
    • Add ESOL endorsement to your teaching certification in the state of Florida.
    • Complete coursework based on the five domains of TESOL adopted by the Florida Department of Education and International TESOL Organization standards.

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